Simon Romanov

2024 NBA Draft grades: First-round pick-by-pick analysi

Zaccharie Risacher of France went first overall to the Atlanta Hawks in the first round of the 2024 NBA Draft.  

Which selections were made? Which didn't? The full Yahoo Sports first-round draft grades are available here.  

Because of his length and defensive flexibility on the wing, Risacher is a player who can contribute right away in any circumstance.  

He is not only a threat to catch and shoot; when his shot isn't falling, he can also be a good facilitator.  

Sarr's favorite landing spot was here because he can enter the game quickly and, because of his excellent rim protection, provide some defensive relief  

In terms of offensive ability, he can spread the floor beyond the 3-point line with his fluid jumper in the pick-and-pop.  

At some point, other players, including excellent players like Osa Odighizuwa and great players like Micah Parsons, may be re-signed here.  

The Cowboys haven't shown that they want to use cap space to bolster the 2024 squad this offseason. Furthermore, it would be foolish for Cowboys Nation to invest too much time in a fantasy 2024 shopping list until they truly make a change of course.  


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