Simon Romanov

3 Zodiac Signs That Are Basically The Universe's Favorites Between June 24 - 30

Between June 23 and 30, the energy of Mercury in Cancer aligns with Saturn in Pisces and Uranus in Taurus, and three zodiac signs quickly become the universe's favorites  

However, there is a reminder that your success and luck are determined not just by what you plan for, but also by what you decide to risk.   

The Last Quarter Moon in Aries peaks on Friday, June 28, just before Saturn stations retrograde in Pisces on Saturday, June 29, ushering in a catastrophe. You'll need to make a decision at this point.   

Just remember that the universe will always urge you to stretch into newness and even be willing to take a chance before rewarding you with more luck, success, and abundance — all you have to do is take the first step and trust that the rest of the route will manifest over time.  

You've been feeling a little stuck in life. Not because you don't want change or because you can't see your way out of a predicament, but rather because life has felt like a continuous circle of repetition that never seems to end.  


Love yourself enough to create the life you desire. Let go of the idea that certain features or triumphs aren't meant for you, or worse, that you have to choose.  


You are being summoned to the point where you must choose what you desire over what others have told you is good enough. This choice point will test your wounds and fears  


Use this energy to become acutely aware of any offers or possibilities you receive this week, as you want to ensure you are selecting what will feel like a new chapter in your life.