Simon Romanov

8 Reasons Kevin Costner's New Western Had Bad Reviews  

Early reviews for the first chapter of Kevin Costner's long-awaited passion project Horizon: An American Saga have been overwhelmingly unfavorable, which does not auger well for the continuance of the conventional Western epic.   

Horizon's interconnected tale, which will be divided into four sections, is an ambitious chronicle of American expansion into the West prior to,  

during, and following the Civil War. It involves a large ensemble of individuals that travel through the areas that will eventually become Kansas, Wyoming, and Montana.  

Unfortunately for the Academy Award winner, Horizon opened with one of Costner's lowest Rotten Tomatoes scores.  

While the first two chapters have already been filmed and will be released sequentially, the production of the planned third and fourth chapters  

will most likely be dependent on the success of the first two. Horizon is Costner's fourth directorial effort,   

yet reviewers have yet to warm up to Horizon: An American Saga for a variety of reasons.  


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