Simon Romanov

8 Reasons To Binge Watch ‘Outlander’

The first three seasons of the Outlander television series are currently available on Netflix; 

the next four seasons have already broadcast on STARZ. Is it excellent, though? Having seen it twice already in 2019, 

I can state with certainty that this is a series that is well worth seeing. 

STARZ brought the 1991 novel series Outlander to life in 2014. The book series was written by Diana Gabaldon.  

It follows contemporary 20th-century woman Claire Randall as she inadvertently goes back in time to Scotland in 1743.  

– Travis's appearance highlighted the impact of his stroke and the strength he demonstrated during recovery. 

As she tries to figure out how to return to her own time and to her husband, 

Frank, she has to learn to adapt or perish. Equipped with solely her cunning and medical expertise from her 


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