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A statement from Kevin Costner regarding the 'Yellowstone' contract dispute: "I Lived Up to It"

Kevin Costner says he was ready and willing to move forward with Yellowstone as per his contract on the show, but the production was not ready on time.    

Except for a few remarks At CinemaCon in April, Costner kept quiet about his probable exit from the Paramount Network hit.     

As he prepares to launch the first installment of his western epic Horizon: An American Saga at Cannes    

the actor and filmmaker provides a much more extensive description of his conflict with Yellowstone's creators, notably showrunner Taylor Sheridan.    

So now I'm going to discuss a little bit about what the real truth was," Costner explained in a lengthy interview with Deadline. "    

I signed a deal for seasons 5, 6, and 7. They signed a new contract in February, after two or three months of negotiations.     

They wanted to recreate that one, so instead of seasons six and seven, it was 5A and 5B, and we might do six.   

They were unable to make them. The horizon was placed in the center, although Yellowstone was the initial location.    


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