Simon Romanov

Advice on Choosing the Perfect Shape for Your Hands' Nails

The tip of round nails is circular and matches the nail curve. Round nails are best for short fingers. "It softens and slims the look of wide nail beds and helps shorter fingers look elongated," Lin adds.    


Unlike an almond, the oval tip is filed to look like an egg. Small hands with short fingers like this elongating form.     


Square nails have blunt tops and straighter sides. Chelsea King says square nails provide "the illusion of a wider nail bed," which might make your hands look shorter and stubby,  


King feels a squoval is the easiest form to maintain. "Most people's nails grow naturally, so care is just smoothing them out.    


Deborah Lippmann says almond nails are narrow on the sides, wide on the base, and rounded on top. "This design lengthens and slims short fingers.    


The free edge of the sides should be tapered to get this effect. This form works best on long nails, but it requires gels or acrylics to maintain.  


Its tapered sides resemble a coffin or ballerina pointe shoe. Lippman says this form has narrower nails than a square with a squared tip.    

Coffin or Ballerina 

Many Instagram influencers choose lipstick because it makes fingers look longer. This form suits long and short nails.