An optical illusion to test your IQ: Can you find the apple in the beach in 7 seconds?

Optical illusions are mind-bending, shape-shifting representations of objects, drawings, or people that test brain perception.   

Physical, physiological, and cognitive optical illusions exist.  

Research reveals that a normal human brain can perceive things or images differently from different angles.  

These optical illusions often appear in psychoanalysis tests since they reveal your perceptions and intelligence.   

This time we created a fantastic optical illusion where you must find the apple in the beach photo.  

The above image is a challenging brain teaser for adults and youngsters. This optical illusion depicts a gorgeous beach with volleyball-playing girls. A boat sails.  

This optical illusion's hidden apple on the seashore is harder to find  

Thousands of adults are stumped trying to spot the apple in the image.  


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