Anunoby signs five-year, $212.5M Knicks contract  

ESPN reported that the 3-and-D forward signed a five-year, $212.5 million contract with a final-season player option.  

Anunoby, 26, definitely used his leverage to sign the franchise's richest contract.   

Total and average wages broke the Knicks record set by Carmelo Anthony and Julius Randle.  

It also complicates re-signing Isaiah Hartenstein, who enters unrestricted free agency Monday.   

Without other transactions, the Knicks would be hard-capped by the Mikal Bridges trade and could only offer Hartenstein a low-ball offer.  

You can trade before free agency to clear space or reduce the hard cap, but Hartenstein's return clearly took a backseat to Anunoby's discussions.   

After moving RJ Barrett and Immanuel Quickley to the Raptors in December for him, the Knicks were at a disadvantage.  

So he kept Anunoby for over $200 million.   Anunoby's free agency to the Sixers raised concerns, whether real or imagined.  

League sources predicted Anunoby's re-signing for weeks. He's represented by Knicks-affiliated CAA. 


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