Banana Raspberry Muffins

Fresh raspberries and bananas make these the perfect breakfast or snack. And they're easy to create using basic baking ingredients!  

We adore serving muffins with our favorite breakfast recipes and on the fly. Banana raspberry muffins go well with a cold Coffee Smoothie or Roasted Potatoes.  

Ingredients You’ll Need 

Unsalted Butter 

Enhances the muffins' buttery flavor and gives them a dense, creamy texture.  

  Granulated Sugar 

Adds sugar to the muffin batter and complements the fruit's inherent sweetness.  


Adds moisture and binds things together.  


Sprinkles a hint of vanilla flavor into the muffins.  

Overripe Bananas  

Makes the muffins denser and sweeter with a hint of banana flavor.  

   All-Purpose Flour 

To make the muffins more substantial and easier to mix, flour is the primary dry ingredient.  

  Baking Powder 

Facilitates the muffins' oven-rising process.  


To avoid the muffins tasting boring and lifeless, it aids in enhancing their flavor.  

  Cinnamon and Nutmeg 

Adds a subtle, comforting taste to the muffins.  

   Fresh Raspberries 

Before, these banana raspberry muffins would not have had their distinctive raspberry flavor.  


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