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Bitter Together Randy Travis' ex Elizabeth Hatcher?  

– Secret Beginning: Randy Travis and Elizabeth Hatcher met when he won a talent contest at her club in North Carolina when he was 17. They kept their relationship a secret for business reasons.  

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– Marriage and Management: Married in 1991, Hatcher managed Travis for 30 years. Their union, fueled by music and collaboration, thrived until their separation.  

– Divorce Drama: After almost two decades of marriage, Travis filed for divorce in October 2010 in Albuquerque, leading to a contentious legal battle between the former couple.  

– Second Marriage: Travis married Mary Travis in March 2015 amid health complications. Mary supported him during a critical hospital stay, revealing his determination to fight despite being in a semi-coma state.  

– Health Struggles: Travis faced severe health challenges, including a massive stroke in 2013, congestive heart failure, pneumonia, and two brain surgeries. Despite setbacks, he showed signs of recovery by November 2014.  

– Career Pause: Travis, a prominent country and gospel music artist, hasn't released new albums since 2014, partly due to health issues. His career hiatus coincided with a turbulent personal life.  

– Mary's Support: Mary Travis stood by Randy during his health crises, expressing his determination to fight. She played a crucial role in advocating for his medical care.  


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