Caitlin Clark's WNBA debut is against Dallas Wings in Arlington.

Caitlyn Clark is improving.    

She was drafted first in the WNBA last night, and her first game will be in north Texas.    

Clark has enthralled the nation with her WNBA draft, historic collegiate career, and SNL appearance last weekend.    

No coincidence that her debut WNBA game will be in Arlington's College Park Center, home of the Dallas Wings.    

President and CEO Greg Bibb approached the game months ago.    

“When we knew Indiana would have the first pick and there was a good chance Caitlin Clark would enter the draft and be the #1 pick, I reached out to Indiana to see if they'd be willing to come here for a preseason game and they were great about it,” said Bibb.    

His tactic worked, as the Wings ticket office has been inundated with calls since the Indiana Fever announced their selection yesterday.    

“Every ticket sales metric you could imagine was established last year, and we will crush all of those high water marks this summer,” said Bibb.    

Registration for May 3rd's preseason game versus the Fever is growing by the hour since tickets aren't available yet.    

“Seeing has been great. Bibb stated she was glad the public had woken up to the WNBA and women's sports.    

Season ticket holders can buy Wings preseason tickets Wednesday. They will be sold to the public on Thursday, April 18.  


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