Simon Romanov

Can You Spot The Starfish Hidden Among Fish And Crabs in 8 Seconds?

If you can identify the starfish in less than 8 seconds, you have excellent mental acuity, strong attention to detail, and remarkable brainpower.  

Using picture puzzles to test and hone your observational and IQ skills is entertaining and engaging.  

Your ability to see details that others might overlook will be sharpened by solving these puzzles, which test your mind's ability to see beyond the obvious.  

We have an exciting challenge for you today: in just eight seconds, locate the starfish hidden among a sea of fish and crabs.  

Are you prepared to put your intelligence and ability to observe to the test?  

A thrilling picture puzzle challenge is about to begin! A starfish is hiding among a swarm of fish and crabs, just waiting to be found.

You have eight seconds to locate the starfish.  

Can you meet the challenge? This test is a great way to measure your observation skills and IQ.

Still trying to find the starfish among the fish and crabs in this picture? If you are still searching, see the answer below 


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