Simon Romanov

Chicken Spatchcock Lemon Roast  

We are spatchcocking today!! Get thrilled. This Lemon Roasted Spatchcock Chicken is headed your way, and it's an excellent way to prepare meals for the week.    

To go with this delicious roast chicken, try Caprese Orzo Salad or Chopped Greek Salad!    

And, while it may appear hard, we have a step-by-step pictorial instruction on how to do it!    

Growing up, my parents made full roasted chickens on a regular basis. They were incredible to say the least.    

And don't even get me started on the crispy chicken skin, which I could easily devour on my own.    

The entire house would smell delicious, and if there were any leftovers, my mother would put them in one of my favourite casseroles for the next night.    

I now make my own roasted chicken many times each month. And if there are any leftovers    

Last weekend, we were in a hurry to get to a friend's party, but I was determined to roast one for the week to use as leftovers.    


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