Simon Romanov

Colorado star Travis Hunter is likely to miss the September 30 game against USC.

This is bad news for USC since it's never good when a great athlete is injured. It gets even worse when the athlete is hurt as a result of an opponent's foul play.   

Nonetheless, this revelation changes the reality of USC's visit to Boulder on September 30 to play the Colorado Buffaloes.  

Travis Hunter, the versatile cornerback-receiver who has helped alter Colorado's offense this season, is anticipated to miss several weeks of activity.   

This is due to an injury he sustained as a consequence of an excessive hit that was penalized 15 yards in Colorado's victory over Colorado State on Saturday.  

"In his postgame press conference, Colorado coach Deion Sanders stated, 'The first thing I heard was that he would be out for a few weeks.'"  

I definitely heard that. But we will do whatever is necessary to protect him. I know Travis will want to be gone for two weeks.   

But we need to make sure he is okay. "His health is more important than the game."  

Buffaloes Wire reported on the hit that eliminated Hunter from the game, including Norvell's sunglasses comment toward Deion Sanders, which elicited a response from Coach Prime.  


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