Simon Romanov

Country legend Randy Travis releases song recorded before 2013 stroke

With the aid of artificial intelligence, country music icon Randy Travis—who has been mostly paralyzed from speech and singing since suffering a catastrophic stroke in 2013—is once again crooning  

Travis made "Where That Came From," a new song, on Friday using an artificial intelligence (AI) voice model that was trained on previous audio recordings.  

Travis wrote on Facebook on Thursday, saying, "Eleven years ago, I never thought I would be able to have a hand in music production of any kind, but by God's grace and the support of family, friends, fellow artists, and fans,   

I'm able to create the music I so dearly love."  

Artists' opinions on generative AI have been divided; while some are enthusiastic about its creative potential, others are afraid it will steal their creations in order to train datasets or even change the very essence of creativity.  

However, Travis' song shows how AI can enable creative expression for both fans and people with disabilities.  

The technologically assisted song has also been embraced by other country music celebrities.  

Travis's reconstructed voice was superimposed over his recorded vocals by the AI program, which served as a sort of musical scaffolding.  


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