Simon Romanov

Cowboys and Rodgers Collide; Jets Get Duped in Trade?

The New York Jets represent the Cowboys' last chance to defeat their archrival.  

When word of the Aaron Rodgers trade to the New York Jets reached the Dallas Cowboys, it was assumed that Rodgers was no longer a concern.  

Rodgers has been a thorn in Dallas' side since joining the league, with an 8-3 record against.  

America's Team," including triumphs in six of the last seven games.  

Isn't the trauma over now that Rodgers is a Jet playing in the AFC? True, as Rodgers'  

In the upcoming season, the Jets will pay a visit to the Cowboys. It's unknown when the.  

two teams will play, but we're guessing it'll be during primetime.  

For whatever reason, Rodgers saves his best football for Dallas. Despite having only 14 completions,  


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