Simon Romanov

Curry rice frovm Korea  

Learn how to prepare Korean curry rice at home! This hearty recipe, packed with savory, somewhat sweet, and softly spicy tastes, is ideal for quick midweek dinners. 

Korean curry rice is a simple, adaptable, and gratifying dish that is a must-have in many Korean households, especially those with children. 

Growing up in Korea, I ate it at least once a week, either at home or in the school cafeteria.  

Korean curry has a distinct flavor profile, with notes of sweetness, moderate spice, and savory. It is comparable to Japanese curry but differs from Indian or Thai curry.  

Whether you prefer a vegetable-heavy or meaty curry, this dish may easily accommodate your preferences. 

To prepare Korean curry rice, start with a small diced cut of meat—pork, beef, or chicken—and cook it over the pan until lightly browned.  

Then mix them with a variety of fresh veggies, such as potatoes, onions, and carrots. This hearty mixture is then cooked in water until tender,

then blended with a thick and aromatic Korean curry sauce, resulting in a tasty, cozy, and gratifying meal.


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