Simon Romanov

Dieter Kurtenbach: The 49ers must change their unpleasant habit—in Las Vegas, of all places.

The 49ers have a horrible habit in big games, and if they bring it to Las Vegas, their Super Bowl aspirations will almost likely turn into nightmares. 

No one can explain why the 49ers have had poor starts in their four biggest games of the season — at Philadelphia, at Baltimore, and in both NFC playoff games — but the good news is that they have only lost once. 

Give them an early two-score lead, and they will maintain it until the confetti falls. 

This season's Chiefs are not a superteam. Prior to the start of the playoffs, it was fashionable to write them off as Super Bowl contenders, and for good reason. 

Chiefs' offence fell from No. 1 last year (by DVOA) to No. 8 due to poor wide receiver play and even worse performance from offensive tackles. 

Travis Kelce, a tight end, and Mahomes, a quarterback, did not appear to be their All-Pro selves throughout the season. 

This team had taken a step back, which in the tough AFC was viewed as a death sentence. 

They might not have enough firepower to defeat any squad they want anymore. 


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