Draymond suggests that future Warriors face Wembanyama with a playful wish.

Draymond Green joked that his younger teammates will have a nice time playing San Antonio Spurs youngster Victor Wembanyama after the Warriors beat them 117-113 at Frost Bank Center on Sunday. 

Green told reporters after the game that Wembanyama's stature and quickness make him difficult to match up with.   

The Warriors forward detailed one of the game's closing plays, where he tried to box out the Spurs big man for a rebound.   

Green expressed his excitement at not having to play against Wembanyama anymore.   

“I thought I had a great box-out and he didn't let me rebound,” Green said. He has a unique talent.    

I told Trayce [Jackson-Davis] and those guys that I'm glad I got to play against him now because they'll have to deal with him later and I won't be in the league anymore. 

Wembanyama was the most touted NBA prospect in decades before the 2023 NBA Draft, and he has lived up to the hype in his first season.   

His height, wingspan, and athleticism have made the Spurs rookie a great player. 


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