Simon Romanov

Ex-NBA players and social media users respond to Ja Morant's strange celebration.

Ja Morant has been reminding basketball fans that he is still one of the game's top players, but those fans are wondering if he learned anything from his recent lengthy suspension. 

The Memphis Grizzlies star returned from a 25-game suspension last week, and he hit the game-winning shot at the buzzer in his season debut. 

He was recently voted Western Conference Player of the Week, but supporters are still unsure whether he will be able to stay out of trouble. 

Morant was punished after making a second video in which he appeared to be brandishing a gun; the first incident resulted in an eight-game suspension. 

which many mistake for a shooting celebration. He then appeared to be holding a rocket launcher. 

With supporters on high alert due to Morant's actions, many questioned whether his celebration was suitable.  

Gilbert Arenas, a former NBA star who had his own issues with guns while in the league, shared an old video of Andre Iguodala punching Andrew Wiggins in the face. It appeared to be Arenas' way of telling Morant to calm down. 

. It appeared to be Arenas' way of telling Morant to calm down. 


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