Simon Romanov

Fans Leave Travis Kelce Stunned, Viciously Boo Him at Dallas Mavericks Game

On Sunday, Kansas City Chiefs player Travis Kelce was booed by Dallas Mavericks fans at the American Airlines Center during Game 3 of the NBA Western Conference finals.   

In contrast, when his teammate, quarterback Patrick Mahomes, appeared on TV, he was greeted with screams and acclaim.   

At the moment, the defending Super Bowl champions were seated next to each other courtside.   

In a video sample released on the social media platform X, Kelce humorously pretended disbelief on the jumbotron as boos poured down on him.   

The camera then went to Mahomes, who had a drastically different reaction.   

(The star quarterback is a native Texan and a long-time Mavericks fan.)   

To add insult to injury, the Dallas Mavericks delightfully ridiculed Kelce on social media by referring to him as   

"Taylor Swift's boyfriend" rather than his own name.   


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