Simon Romanov

Fans Think Taylor Swift's 'Surprise Song' Hints at Feelings for Travis Kelce  

Taylor Swift isn't one to hide her feelings of love.   

Fans believe the "Anti-Hero" singer was wearing her heart on her sleeve as she kicked off the latest leg of The Eras Tour in Buenos Aires,  

Argentina, on Thursday night, when she appeared to drop a not-so-subtle hint about her affair with Travis Kelce.   

During the acoustic portion of the three-and-a-half-hour event, Swift, 33, performs two "surprise songs" from her catalog that aren't usually on the setlist.  

Thursday's concert marks Swift's first return to the Eras Tour stage since establishing a romance with the Kansas City Chiefs footballer,   

and she appeared to choose a surprise song with highly sharp lyrics for the occasion.   

After playing "The Very First Night," Swift moved on to the piano to play "Labyrinth" from her album Midnights, and Swifties couldn't help but remark how appropriate the song's message is.   

The Grammy-winning singer appeared to be attempting to hide a huge smile as she sang the chorus, "Oh no, I'm falling in love again."   


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