Simon Romanov

Find 5 Hidden Objects in 15 Seconds in This Balcony Gardening Scene With Your Hawk's Vision!

Ready for an IQ-testing visual challenge? Look closely at this busy balcony scene as two youngsters help their dad cultivate.   

Be patient! This image is more than it appears. Five hidden objects are among the flora and activities.   

Do you observe like a hawk? Can you find the sly caterpillar among the leaves?   

How about the scale behind the pots? Look for a diamond ring hidden in the flora.   

That magnifying glass—where is it? Can you finally reveal the flag?   

Pressure mounts with 15 seconds left. Only hawk-eyed viewers can solve this conundrum. Ready for the challenge?   

This photo puzzle requires keen vision and attention to detail to find all five hidden objects. Your attention under pressure is also shown.   

Still looking for all 5 hidden objects in this picture? If still searching, see the answer.   


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