Grizzlies Ja Morant is still checking in with Adam Silver following suspension.

Ja Morant's season as a Memphis Grizzlies point guard ended in January.   

Morant returned to the squad after serving his 25-game suspension to begin the season, and he played nine games before being sidelined by a shoulder ailment.  

While Morant's schedule has been relatively open for some time, with the Grizzlies winning only 27 games, the Memphis star is not finished dealing with NBA officials.  

In this case, that's NBA Commissioner Adam Silver.  

Morant and his personal staff have been using a check-in system to keep the 24-year-old accountable for his conduct.   

Morant was captured on camera flashing a gun in two separate events in early 2023.   

"He and I have checked in with each other during the season, but more significantly, working with the players' association, we have regular check-ins with him and his team surrounding him, and have done so all year.   

"All of the reports have come back extremely positive," Silver stated.  

Hopefully, the positive reaction will continue, as Morant is one of the Association's brightest emerging stars. 

He was a huge part of the Grizzlies' rise in recent years, so it's understandable that they struggled without him this year.  


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