Simon Romanov

How will the House v. NCAA deal affect college football?  

Dan Wetzel, Ross Dellenger, and SI's Pat Forde discuss last week's major conference approval of the House v. NCAA settlement on today's episode.   

They debate how the increased player recruitment funds will affect college football and which programs would profit most. They explain how revenue sharing will affect NIL and collectives going future.  

After the break, Wetzel quotes Greg Sankey at SEC meetings about it being the ideal moment to be a collegiate athlete.   

They discuss how this could alter soon. Wetzel also questioned why collegiate football may eliminate walk-ons.  

The show concludes with orcas fighting humans. Wetzel describes killer whales carefully upsetting boats.  

(0:47) College football revenue sharing 41:29 SEC meetings  

(51:37) Are walk-ons done?  

(1:02:26) Orcas causing issues  


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