IQ-Testing Optical Illusion: In 7 seconds, only 1% can find the leaf hidden among the parrots!

An optical illusion is a mind-bending, captivating, shape-shifting image of an object, painting, or person that tests brain perception.   

You've witnessed physical, physiological, and cognitive optical illusions.  

Studies show that psychoanalysis uses optical illusions to illuminate perception.  

A leaf's regular brain can perceive things or images differently from different angles.  

A leaf lurking amid the parrots is a nice depiction.  

This photo puzzle is for kids and adults. This optical illusion shows similar-looking parrots.  

The photo shows a leaf lurking amid the parrots. The illusion asks viewers to “Find the leaf among the parrots!”  

The hidden leaf in this image is said to be found by 1% of people. This optical illusion is another fun IQ test. An genuine IQ test is a fantastic approach to determine your IQ.  


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