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Ja Morant Eyes Return in 2 Weeks! Grizzlies Get Star Back Soon 

In the downtown Memphis location of the century-old Shelby County Courthouse, Morant was giving his testimony from the witness stand.  

Wearing a black jacket and a white shirt, Morant faced a wood-paneled wall lined with portraits of robed judges while sitting next to the one presiding over a lawsuit  

Less than a mile away -- but practically a world away -- was FedExForum, where, in better times, Morant's occupation would be on display. 

Tennessee's largest courthouse, an ornate neoclassical compound stretching across a city block and featured in the 1991 horror film "The Silence of the Lambs." 

Early in Morant's testimony, his attorney, Carter, retrieved a basketball from under a table and tossed it to his client. 

The point of the exchange, manifesting itself as legal inquiry, was to demonstrate a typical check ball during a pickup basketball game. 

Morant's attorneys have sought to dismiss the case by arguing that Morant acted in self-defense. 

"Him pulling up his shorts, where I'm from, that's a fighting stance," Morant said from the stand. 


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