Simon Romanov

Josh Allen on the Bills' continued mantra of "Super Bowl or bust"  

In your campaign? My excitement is high. Josh must discuss football OTAs first. Please be honest.  

Stan Digg is gone, and the Bills are expected to disappoint this year. The conversation seems Windows-related. Do you sense Super Bowl window pressure internally? I think that's our thinking.  

We believe every game is Super Bowl or bust, and everything you do from now on must be to win a Super Bowl. Every time we foot on the field, at our facility, or off field representing the Buffalo Bills, we're trying to win a Super Bowl.  

Add a bunch of new faces and parts on both sides of the field. I think we've become younger, which is an opportunity to lead and develop some of these young guys and bring them into our system.  

I think Coach Mcdermott and Coach Bean have a strategy for this building, and we're simply trying to follow it and put together a team. Do you feel more pressure as a quarterback? No, I disagree.

Coming out and again being the best quarterback, teammate, and leader I can be. With each passing year, you don new quarterback hats, and this year is no exception.  

It's several hats. Young men are coming. I'm making sure I'm on the same page with coach McDermott, Coach Brady, and other vets in the locker room to make sure the messaging we're sending to some of the younger guys is very similar to what we're all thinking and that everything we're doing is to win a championship.

All right. Discuss your Gatorade use with everyone. We're bringing back the is it in you campaign? One of Gatorade's most famous moments. Um Michael Jordan is leading the release.  


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