Simon Romanov

Kelly Reilly calls Yellowstone spin-off rumors “nonsense”  

With Yellowstone due to complete its run with the release of its final season later this year, attention is shifting to a number of proposed spin-off projects.  

As of now, the Western drama has produced two sister series, titled 1883 and 1923, with three more in development, including a new sequel show featuring Matthew McConaughey in the lead role.  

The concept for the sequel was supposedly for original performers Kelly Reilly, Cole Hauser, and Luke Grimes to reprise their roles as Beth Dutton, Rip Wheeler, and  

Kayce Dutton, respectively, but it was recently reported in the newsletter Puck that the trio were requesting payment to participate.  

However, in an exclusive interview with to promote her appearance in the upcoming film Little Wing, Reilly stated that fans should not give too much attention to any of the rumors.  

When asked about spin-offs, she replied, "I just want to finish [the main show] with as much care, passion, and love as I can muster.  

"That's all I care about. I'm preparing for that right now, and it's my main focus."  

She added, "And what happens after that? There are discussions, you know. Do not believe everything you read. It's all rubbish. But we'll wait and see. I do not have an answer right now. But we shall see."  


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