Simon Romanov

Kelly Reilly's 2012 thriller film is superior than Yellowstone, admirers think.  

Kelly Reilly may light up Yellowstone with her fiery personality, but many say they prefer the actress in her 2012 horror film.  

Despite playing one of Yellowstone's most divisive characters, Beth Dutton, Kelly Reilly will return in Yellowstone Season 5 Part 2 to help conclude the Dutton family's saga.  

Until then, fans have found the perfect movie to keep them occupied: Flight, an overlooked thriller from 2012.  

Yellowstoners are frequently spotted ranting about Beth, particularly online. Reilly has managed to pack a punch despite being a key member of the Yellowstone cast,  

and she applies that same quality to the Denzel Washington film, in which she starred before landing the Taylor Sheridan show.  

Yellowstone fans recently pulled Flight into the conversation on Reddit, calling Reilly's performance in the drama film "superb" and "incredible." They've gone so far as to claim they prefer this to her Yellowstone job.  

"Kelly Reilly's performance in Flight was excellent. If you just know her as Beth Dutton from Yellowstone, this film is a fantastic treat that shows audiences the full scope of this extraordinary actor's skill," remarked one user.  

Others agreed, writing: "Yes, she was incredible as Nicole in Flight." I wanted to see more of Nicole's narrative," and: "She's fantastic in that film. "Almost makes you forget about Beth completely."  


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