Simon Romanov


This is a fantastic recipe to include in your summer salad rotation. It's very quick and simple to make! Plus, you get to use more of your watermelon, ensuring that nothing goes to waste. 

Winning! This spicy watermelon salad recipe is incredibly refreshing. Planning a summer get-together with friends or family? This would make an excellent side dish to surprise friends and relatives. 

There are only four items required to make the spicy dressing for this salad. You can find these ingredients at your local Asian market or online. 

The Korean red chili pepper powder (gochugaru) and mushroom umami powder are two components that may be difficult to find in a standard grocery shop.  

The pink flesh is the most popular part of the watermelon, although the whole fruit, like its cousin, the cucumber, is edible. This includes green scraps, which are often thrown away in the compost bin. 

Fiber - One of the benefits of watermelon is the high fiber content of its rind. A high-fiber diet gives numerous health benefits. 

Lower blood pressure - If your doctor has advised you to try to reduce your blood pressure, consider eating watermelon with the rind intact. 

According to certain research, watermelon extract supplements can help obese people maintain their blood pressure.Serve this spicy watermelon rind salad with freshly cooked rice and a protein of choice. 


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