Lakers' Low-Ball Offer to Dan Hurley Highlights NBA Franchise Issues

Last offseason, the Detroit Pistons did whatever it took to get Monty Williams hired as head coach.    

The six-year, $78.5 million contract that landed the former NBA Finalist reshaped the coaching market.    

Almost every top NBA coach has made a killing in the past year or two. Erik Spoelstra reportedly received an eight-year   

$120 million contract, making it the most costly in NBA history for a coach.   

While Steve Kerr's two-year agreement with the Warriors didn't go nearly that far, it did pay him more than that on an annual basis—$17.5 million.   

Two players in that range, Ty Lue and Gregg Popovich, have re-upped.   

During the offseason, Tom Thibodeau will most certainly do it. Right now, this is the going rate for an NBA head coach.   

We can look at the Pistons and Lakers' respective budgets and see how they stack up.    


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