LeBron James Predicted to Sign $162 Million Contract

All-Star forward LeBron James has until June 29 to execute his $51.4 million Player Option for the 2024–25 season.  

If he declines the option, the iconic player will be given two options: re-sign with the Lakers on a new long-term contract or pursue free agency for the first time since 2018.  

According to Greg Swartz of Bleacher Report, James is unlikely to pick the latter choice.     

Swartz argued in his "NBA Free-Agency Predictions" post, published on June 5, that James should re-sign with the Lakers on a three-year max contract worth $162 million.    

Swartz further projected that the deal will include a no-trade clause.  

"James can make more money by picking up his $51.4 million player option and extending off of it for two seasons, per Bobby Marks of ESPN, but he is eligible to get a no-trade clause if he opts out and signs a three-year deal instead," writes Swartz.     

which shocked"Expect James to return $2.4 million in order to retain the no-trade clause in his deal, which may be his final in the NBA. Contract prediction: three years, $162 million, including a full no-trade clause."    fans who thought he was watching a lower-division American soccer game.   

Swartz projected Klay Thompson's next contract in the same post, as well as the destinations of other upcoming NBA free agents.    


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