Lionel Messi contrasting the career record of 37-year-old with Cristiano Ronaldo

With his 37th birthday, Lionel Messi is reminding us that his incredible career is coming to an end.   

. However, how do his stats compare to those of Cristiano Ronaldo, his enduring rival, at the same age?  

Messi is a few years younger than Ronaldo, who turned 37 in February 2022 while still a Manchester United player.  

The two players' continued success and participation in important international competitions at a time when many football players would have given up is a testament to their longevity.  

While serving for Argentina, Messi will celebrate his most recent birthday in the US. He opened the 2024 Copa America with a once-in-a-generation performance.  

"Having won the World Cup gave us a great advantage in changing our perspective on the situation." I make an effort, though, to ignore it. I make an effort to have fun with it.  

Messi, who has reached the age of 37 at Inter Miami after winning everything that could be possible, is breaking MLS records as he approaches the championship.  


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