Simon Romanov

Love Horoscopes For Monday, June 24 Bring A Specific Message For Each Zodiac Sign


You have an extraordinary capacity to follow your heart and go after your desires. Do not let recent occurrences cause you to doubt yourself or your abilities.  

Taurus, no one gets a medal for obeying all of the rules at the end of their lives. This means, however, that you may need to start thinking more freely for yourself  



You frequently have little trouble stretching the rules to meet your desires, but you must ensure that your choices actually lead to that destination of love and connection.  

Others may be surprised when you finally start putting yourself first, Cancer, because it's something you don't do often. However, caring for yourself  


Take some time to think creatively, Leo. You've been struggling to figure out a specific issue recently, and while you've attempted to approach it from a logical, practical, and even emotional angle  


It's acceptable, Virgo, to let loose on sometimes. You do not have to have everything together or appear to be the ideal mate. You can be a free spirit who enjoys life as much as everyone else.   


If you are concerned about whether telling your truth may terminate a relationship, this is a red flag. It shouldn't matter if you're expressing your truth or pursuing your dreams.  


Take some time for yourself, Scorpio, and don't be concerned about having all the answers. Simply sit with yourself and think about your love life.


The goal is to find a partner who will accept you for who you are, even if that means they won't be able to interact with every aspect of you.   


Forgiveness can be one of the most difficult components of love, whether it's for a current spouse or an ex with whom you still have to engage.   


You've been returning to a deep inner understanding in recent weeks, and while the time is critical for becoming aware of it, it's also something that can't be put off any longer.   


The only thing greater than your romantic fantasies is when they become reality, Pisces. However, it can be difficult to accept and believe in it, especially given your previous tragedy.