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Luck Improves The Week Of June 24 - 30 For These 5 Chinese Zodiac Sign

Dare to be unusual and brave; luck will favor you. That is the vibe around luck and good fortune this week, June 24-30, 2024.  

Five Chinese zodiac signs—Ox, Horse, Goat, Pig, and Rabbit—will be the luckiest under this influence!  

The I Ching hexagram of luck for this week is Fire over Earth (#35), which will change to Water over Water (#29). It reminds us that when people say "dream big," they really mean it.  

However, the term "big" can signify a variety of things in different circumstances. This is where your inner strength and introspection come in.  

Ox: Shining luck, through and through

Ox, you're having incredible luck this week! Any desire you make today could come true. Things are heating up behind the scenes for you, and the dominoes have started to fall in your favor.   

Horse: Star-like luck

Horse, if you work in the entertainment industry, are a public personality, or speak in public, the energy of luck for you this week is incredible.  

Pig: Sweet luck

Pig, you are a lovely soul, and your luck this week is also as good. It has a gentle and mild feel about it, so don't expect fireworks or big pronouncements when it enters your life.  

Rabbit: Patient luck

Rabbit, your luck this week depends on being patient and acting when the time is right. Allow your intuition and observational skills to rule supreme.  

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