Simon Romanov

Luckiest Day Of July 2024 For Each Chinese Zodiac Sign

We are back with every Chinese zodiac sign's luckiest day of the month for July 2024. But first, here's the lucky message of the month for everyone. 

The I Ching hexagram of luck this month is Water over Heaven (#5). It speaks of patience and the value of working with the organic timing of everything in the world.

Rat, your luck in July is all about recognizing what is already within you and not second-guessing where and how far you can go.  


Ox, the luckiest know when luck will come. Luck frequently comes unexpectedly, but if you remember back to each time anything good happened, you'll see that the indications were around and in the air.   


Tiger, they say the luckiest are those who have the support of wealth and power. Yet many have made their luck under not-so-great circumstances.  


Rabbit, July luck is about knowing where you already have luck. Explore the places of love and opportunity that have blessed you.


Dragon, you are extraordinary in every way that counts. But you must recognize that within you without allowing imposter syndrome to sink in.  


Snake, express your ingenuity in July to make luck. Some people let their worries stop them from using their best tools.


Horse, the greatest luck you can ever wield is the luck that stems from a place of love and passion.  


Goat, your July luck comes from recognizing indicators and answering the call. This metaphor encourages you to notice signs and synchronicities and act when you must.


Monkey, you are the most beautiful when you know you are beautiful. This has nothing to do with your physical appearance or society's beauty standards 


Rooster, July luck is about people who have always supported you out of need. They could be family, friends, or simply a friendly acquaintance.


July is especially lucky for dogs! If you focus on the horizon and your actual goals, no one can stop you from getting what you want. 


Pig, you are the luckiest when you believe you have luck. That's your message for July in this arena of fortune and fate.