NBA draft day 2: Duke's Kyle Filipowski goes 32nd to Jazz.  

Duke big player Kyle Filipowski was drafted in the 2024 NBA after an extra day.  

Filipowski, a 7-footer who played two seasons for the Blue Devils, was selected 32nd overall by the Utah Jazz in the NBA's new two-day draft structure, with the first round on Wednesday night and the second on Thursday.  

Filipowski and Kansas forward Johnny Furphy were invited to the NBA's first-round green room but not picked.  

Filipowski, who averaged 16.4 points and 8.3 rebounds as a sophomore, finished his wait Thursday by following University of San Francisco center Jonathan Mogbo, who the Raptors picked 31st overall to start the second round.  

Furphy waited a few picks, but the Indiana Pacers traded up one place with the San Antonio Spurs to get the 35th choice,   

which they used on the versatile forward who shot 36% at Kansas last season.  

The Spurs selected Spanish point guard Juan Nunez with the 36th pick, the first of 10 players who received their second-round selection at ESPN's Seaport studios on Thursday.  

Tyler Smith, another undrafted player from Wednesday's selection, went to the Milwaukee Bucks at No. 33.  


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