Simon Romanov

Netflix's most costly movie of 2023 is R-rated and includes violence that "shouldn't exist in sci-fi movies."

Netflix will spend a lot of money to become a major cinema player, so when you hear something is the most expensive movie on the platform, it implies big bucks.    

This movie cost $166 million to make in two parts, making it Netflix's most costly production of last year.    

Part Two: The Scargiver drops Friday (April 19) after Part One: A Child of Fire dropped in December.    

Zack Snyder, the director of Justice League's 'Snyder Cut', has revealed Rebel Moon's first chapter will be an R-rated 'Directors Cut'    

Snyder told UNILAD that Part Two will have an R-rated cut.    

He added that, despite being a different cut, it's nearly another film.    

Snyder said: “I think the two cuts that are coming are almost like alternative universe cuts more than an extended version.    

“The Director's Cut. They're simply another film.”    

Snyder added that they filmed Part One and Part Two back-to-back and the R Rated Cut, which is not yet available, alongside the PG13 version.     


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