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Olivia Dunne Shares Sweetest Throwback Pic From Toddler Gymnastics Days

At just 21 years old, Olivia Dunne has achieved remarkable success as a gymnast, becoming the highest-paid female college athlete in the United States. However, her journey to the top has been far from smooth. 

Dunne's gymnastics career began at the tender age of 3, and she quickly rose through the ranks.  

She joined the U.S. national gymnastics team during her early teenage years, an achievement many would consider a great honor.  

Still, she soon realized that it wasn't the perfect fit for her. Consequently, she chose a different path, one that led her to a full-ride scholarship at LSU and a thriving career as a college athlete, earning an impressive seven-figure income. 

The New Jersey native has also gained significant attention on social media, amassing 4.4 million followers on Instagram and 7.8 million on TikTok. 

Her posts range from sharing career and life updates, such as turning 21 and featuring in Forbes's 2023 Top Creators List, to providing gymnastics training videos and relatable content about college life. 

In a recent heartfelt TikTok, Dunne shared a series of photos accompanied by a touching message. 

The first image featured her during a competition, adorned in a bedazzled high-neck purple leotard, striking a confident pose.  


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