Simon Romanov

Optical Illusion Eye Test: Find hidden umbrella in the forest in 7 seconds!

Illusion comes from the Latin verb illudere, which means to mock or trick, and optical illusion images are intended to deceive the human mind.  

Optical illusions are recognized as one of the simplest tests to measure intellect and attentiveness, and they are ideal for improving cognitive abilities and inspiring creative thinking.  

Furthermore, they can assist you improve your problem-solving abilities and build outside-the-box thinking.The image shown above depicts a wooded landscape for readers.  

Two girls and a guy can be seen traversing the woodland in search of a camping location. 

They have arrived in a location surrounded by enormous trees and other wild creatures and birds. 

Can you find the umbrella within 7 seconds?This simple challenge will help you determine your level of visual acuity. Only the most observant readers will be able to find the umbrella faster than others.

Scan all sections of the photograph carefully; you may be surprised to locate it. Please take note that those readers who accomplished the feat inside the time limit have the sharpest pair of eyes.

Those who were unable to locate the umbrella in time should refer to the solution provided below. 


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