Simon Romanov

Optical Illusion Eye Test: Find the odd butterfly in the picture in 5 seconds!

Optical Illusion Eye Test: People with the sharpest eyes can spot the odd butterfly in the picture in 5 seconds. Are you one of them? Test your eyes now!     

These challenges help scientists understand how our brain processes visual information.         

Optical illusions can also enhance cognitive abilities and stimulate the brain to think creatively.      

Practising these activities regularly helps improve memory and sharpen problem-solving skills.      

Do you want to test your eye power? The image shared above depicts a grid of butterfly emojis. One of the butterfly in the picture is different from the others.

The challenge for the readers is to spot that butterfly in 5 seconds. 

How many of you could spot the different butterfly? Congratulations to those who have successfully spotted the odd butterfly; you have the sharpest eyes with the highest attention to detail.

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