Optical Illusion: Find The Three Bananas Hidden Among These Minions

Optical illusions are the latest Internet fascination after crossword puzzles and sudoku. Social media users are using it to brighten dreary days.  

The way optical illusions fool our minds is interesting. It assesses your vision, personality, and character.  

A new photo of three concealed bananas is the latest brainteaser to stump folks.  

A famous Hungarian illustrator and artist, Gergely Dudas (Dudolf), developed this optical illusion.  

Sharing this new puzzle on social media, he wrote: "My first seek-and-find picture with existing characters.  

Last week after viewing their new movie at the movies, I came up with this Minions tribute. Ever seen it? It took me three or four days to draw this puzzle, my longest! It turned out great, and I hope you like it!  

Back to our image, did you have luck with solving it? If not, you can find the long-awaited answer in image.

The answer to the seek-and-find image is given here:


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