Simon Romanov

Patrick Mahomes has big warning for the NFL after Super Bowl win against 49ers

Patrick Mahomes warned the NFL about what's to come following another amazing Super Bowl victory over the San Francisco 49ers. 

The Chiefs finished 11-6 and won the AFC West for the eighth straight year. However, they were not the favorites in three of their four postseason games against the Buffalo Bills, Baltimore Ravens, and 49ers. 

After Tom Brady retired, Mahomes and the Chiefs ruled the NFL. A new dynasty has developed, and they intend to break a record by winning three consecutive Super Bowls. 

That's why Patrick Mahomes issued a strong warning to anyone who doubts the Kansas City Chiefs' ability to win three consecutive championships. 

Following his historic victory over the 49ers in Las Vegas, Patrick Mahomes is already considering a third Super Bowl. Many teams will attempt to dethrone them, but the future Hall of Famer is prepared for the battle. 

As I previously stated, I never feel like we are underdogs since I believe we can win any game we play. We must continue to demonstrate that every year." 

"All you can do is come back next year with a new perspective, knowing that it will be even harder. We have to keep playing our best football. We'll party for a few weeks, then get back to work." 


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