Simon Romanov

Raspberry-Chia Pudding  

It's been a while since I made a good chia pudding. I suppose I went a little overboard with chia pudding when I first found it and needed to take a break.  

But now I'm back with this Raspberry Matcha Chia Pudding, which has made me fall in love with chia pudding all over again.  

Chia seed pudding is a chilled no-cook dessert created by combining any liquid — such as almond or coconut milk, or even fruit purée — with chia seeds and chilling until a pudding-like consistency is achieved. Simple!  

Spoonable Chia puddings typically have four parts liquid and one part chia. The ratio changes somewhat when we add Greek yogurt to this chia pudding recipe.  

Chia pudding is one of those foods that can be transformed into whatever you want. The possibilities are boundless,  

and when I imagined the light pink and green layers of this Raspberry Matcha Chia Pudding, I couldn't help but get excited.  

If I'm being really honest, breakfast is my least favorite meal of the day. Not because I don't enjoy breakfast foods  

I mean, put a platter of avocado toast in front of me and I'm ecstatic. Pancakes? Forget about it.  

But I believe my general lack of enthusiasm for breakfast derives from my sluggish, bleary-eyed morning self, who has the capacity to consider what to make for breakfast, let alone the stamina to do so.  

The truth is that I force myself to be a morning person--get up early, catch the worm, etc. My true self would stay in bed for an extra couple of hours, awake but indulgently tucked under the blankets.  

So things like overnight oats and chia pudding, which my much more alert evening self can make the night before, are ideal for me. Then in the morning, I can just stumble over to the fridge and breakfast emerges without any thinking or effort.  


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