Simon Romanov

Salad with Carrots  

This zesty carrot salad has a sweet-and-savory vinaigrette that adds flavor to every bite. Serve it by itself, with greens, or as a sandwich or wrap filler. Let it sit for at least 10 minutes before serving to let the flavors to mingle.   

Carrots that have been freshly shredded are ideal for this recipe. Grate them using a box grater with large holes, or if you have a food processor, use the shredding disk.   

You've probably heard that carrots are beneficial for your eyes—which they are. This is primarily due to the beta carotene, which also gives carrots their lovely orange color.   

Carrots are also linked to a variety of other health benefits, including reduced inflammation and improved heart, brain, and skin health.   

This recipe is not vegan because it contains honey. If you want to make it vegan, substitute the honey with equal parts agave.

Place the carrot salad in an airtight jar and refrigerate for three or four days. However, we recommend eating it as soon as possible because the salad might get watery if left in the fridge for too long.   

There is no need to peel the carrots, but they should be thoroughly scrubbed. Keeping the peel on reduces prep time while also providing extra nutrients.   

Absolutely, but keep in mind that you will use less dried herb (only one-third as much as fresh). Dried herbs have a stronger flavor; don't overdo this salad with seasoning.    


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