Simon Romanov

Sam Heughan Once Teased He Knows How 'Outlander' Will End!

We regret to inform you that the eighth season of Outlander,  

which is scheduled to premiere on Starz, will be the final season of the show.  

There are a lot of people who are curious about the plot of the hit show on Starz. In any case, the star of the show,   

Sam Heughan, has hinted at the fact that he has been known for a very long time!  

It was asked of Sam during an interview, "It would appear that there are three more books left until the conclusion of the saga."  

Are you aware of the conclusion that Jamie and Claire are going to reach?  

"Diana Gabaldon, the writer-creator, actually revealed to me how the whole thing is going to end," Sam said for the first time in an interview with Esquire UK.   

She emailed me the final few pages of what will be the final book pretty early on, I believe in the first few weeks of shooting, and I believe that no one else has seen it, with the exception of one other executive producer. Even Caitríona has not witnessed it, and I have taken an oath to maintain confidentiality.  


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