Simon Romanov

Sources: Grizzlies get $12.4M exception for injured Ja Morant

The NBA granted the Grizzlies a $12.4 million disabled player exception following Ja Morant's season-ending injury.    

Memphis has until March 11 to utilize the exception, allowing them to trade for a player in the last year of their contract or sign a free agent to a one-year deal.    

Ja Morant's injury, a subluxation of his right shoulder, occurred during a training session earlier this month. He's expected to fully recover for the 2024-25 season.    

Morant played only nine games for the Grizzlies after serving a 25-game suspension to begin the season.    

The suspension was due to conduct detrimental to the league, stemming from Morant brandishing a firearm in an Instagram Live video.    

This incident followed a similar one last season, resulting in an eight-game suspension for Morant.    

The $12.4 million exception provides the Grizzlies with financial flexibility to address Morant's absence.    

The team aims to make strategic moves before the March 11 deadline to enhance their roster for the remainder of the season.    


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