Simon Romanov

Taylor Swift sues student for tracking private jets with public data.  

Whether I'm tracking their plane or not, one should fairly expect that it will be done because it's public knowledge, he added.

Swift's legal complaint was echoed by a representative, who claimed that "the timing of stalkers" suggested a link to Sweeney's flight-tracking websites.

"Whether or not I'm the one doing it, one should reasonably expect that their jet will be tracked, as it is public information after all," he stated.

According to Sweeney, his automated tracking system repackages public flight data that private aircraft transmit using the ADS-B protocol, which is mandated by the government organization Federal Aviation Administration.

Hobbyists have traditionally collected data for use in tracking aircraft flights without incident.

. Nonetheless, the Venable attorneys have ordered Sweeney to "immediately stop providing information about our client's location to the public."

Sweeney had more than 30 such accounts on Twitter, which is now known as X after Elon Musk purchased it for $44 billion in 2022.

But it wasn't long before Musk abruptly changed his mind and effectively banned Sweeney from X, accusing him of threatening his personal safety.


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