Three Notable NBA Players: LeBron James Unfollows Them

After getting knocked out in the first round of the NBA Playoffs, LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers have been enjoying the games from the comfort of their home.   

The Lakers fired Darvin Ham just days after their playoff loss to the Nuggets, and now they're starting the search for a new head coach as the new season begins.   

Former NBA sharpshooter JJ Redick and UConn Huskies coach Dan Hurley are two big names that have been connected to the Lakers recently.  

Regardless, LeBron is still getting attention in other places. He chose to unfollow three prominent NBA players on Friday.  

Kendrick Perkins of ESPN, Ben Simmons of the Brooklyn Nets, and Blake Griffin, formerly of the Los Angeles Clippers, were among these.  

The announcement was made public by NBA Alerts, a Twitter account that specializes in detailing the social media engagement of NBA players.  

"LeBron James is no longer following Ben Simmons" "LeBron James is no longer following Kendrick Perkins" "LeBron James is no longer following Blake Griffin"  

The reasons behind LeBron's choice to unfollow Griffin and Simmons are up for debate, but his decision to unfollow Perkins is easier to comprehend.   

Ahead of the Boston Celtics' NBA Finals game against the Dallas Mavericks, Perkins made contentious statements regarding LeBron's comments about Kyrie Irving.  

The comments made by Perkins regarding LeBron were published online by Barstool Sports. Once again, LeBron sneaks into someone else's spotlight. Stay focused; your squad is playing at home.   


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